Animals We Stock

We have a range of animals in store going from reptiles to arachnids, invertebrates to fish. So be sure to come in and have a look or give us a call on 0427 136 657 and ask about availability!

Please note that animals come and go through the store so our live animal selection will vary throughout the year!

 Central Bearded Dragon
Angle Headed Dragon
Beaded Gecko Black Headed Monitor
Black Headed Python Black Rock Skink
Black Rock Scorpion Blotched Blue Tongue Lizard
Blue Mountain Tree Frog Broadshell Turtle
Centralian Carpet Python Coastal (Eastern) Carpet Python
Crested Dragon Cunningham Skink
Eastern Bearded Dragon Eastern Water Dragon
Flinders Ranges Scorpion Giant Burrowing Cockroach
Giant Panda Snail Gidgee Skink
Gippsland Water Dragon Green Tree Frog
Hermit Crab Jungle Python
King Skink Knob Tail Gecko
Lace Monitor Land Mullet
Leaf Insect Eastern Long Neck Turtle
Long Nosed Dragon Mangrove Monitor
Marbled Gecko Marbled Velvet Gecko
Merton's Water Monitor Murray Short Neck Turtle
Olive Python Panther Skink
Perons Tree Frog Pink Tongued Skink
Praying Mantis Pygmy Mulga Monitor
Rainforest Scorpion Red Barred Dragon
Red Legged Millipede Ridgetail Monitor
Sand Monitor Scrub Python
Shingleback Skink Spiny Leaf Insect
Stimson Python Tarantula
Tawny Dragon Thick Tailed Gecko
Tiger Centipede Top End (Darwin) Carpet Python
Tree Skink Water Python
Whites Skink Spiney Tailed Gecko
Painted Dragon Storr's Monitor
Western Carpet Python Woma Python
Murray Darling Carpet Python Childrens Python
Spotted Python Diamond Python
Brown Tree Frog Spotted Marsh Frog
Saw Shelled Turtle Macleay River Turtle
Tropical Fish Freshwater Fish
Cichlids Yabbies
Shrimp Banjo Frog
Eastern Blue Tongue